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The artwork of Linda Anderson has evolved over the past 18 years much like the life of the artist herself. From a simple beginning creating beautifully crafted memory paintings of her childhood in the North Georgia mountains, to the elaborately detailed content-laden paintings of her present work, Linda's personal growth is reflected in her art. A self-taught artist with only an eighth grade education, her life like her art has grown more sophisticated over the years with her exposure to the world and culture.

Always bright with a fine innate artistic awareness, Linda has soaked up information since the patrons of her art began introducing her to a much broader world through books and travel. Her art now describes her ideas and concerns in realistic and sometimes more abstract terms. Still immaculately rendered and exquisitely detailed the paintings like the artist are beautiful and primitively direct but contain psychological undercurrents well beyond the surface reality. Judith Alexander, the art dealer who brought her work to prominence once said, "Linda is like a sponge. It will be very difficult to keep her a simple folk artist." Her prediction has proven quite true. It will be interesting to see how Linda Anderson continues to grow.