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George Andrews is the patriarch of a highly creative family of artists and writers, a family richly blessed with talent and deeply rooted in the soil of rural Georgia. By choice, the former sharecropper, father of ten, and lifelong artist never traveled outside Georgia's boundaries.

When his family moved from rural Plainview, Georgia to Atlanta in the 1950's, George relocated to Madison and became a sign painter for the City of Madison, where he spent the rest of his life. His passion for painting was evidenced in the brightly colored dot-filled rocks that soon began showing up around town. Adorning rocks, furniture, women's shoes and "anything that did not move," with bold, colorful dots, he became known as "The Dot Man".

George often chided his famous son, renowned artist Benny Andrews, for attending art schools to learn to paint. "I'm a natural," he boasted. In 1989, when George Andrews was 78, Benny Andrews urged his father to paint family portraits including one of the family tree, a blend of African-American, Caucasian, Irish and Native-American heritage. As his popularity grew, the elder Andrews realized he needed to consider the permanence of his work and turned to painting on canvas. Religion, dreams, and racial heritage were consistent sources for his imagery. Andrews also incorporated social messages aimed at an urban generation attracted to violence and drugs.

George Andrews reached a milestone at age 84 with his first solo museum retrospective - The Dot Man: George Andrews of Madison, Georgia organized by the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta.

"Dad was a very complex container of much more than the casual observer sees or hears. The survivor of an almost unbelievable past, he became one of the most tenacious and imaginative persons I've ever known. Ideas just bubbled out of his head like lava. . . he was the personification of the mythical artist/poet who sees beauty through every pore, who is driven to create regardless of the circumstances."
- Benny Andrews