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George Lowe has always enjoyed the proverbial road trip. Since childhood in Clearwater, Florida, two-week annual family vacations left visual impressions that later found their way into his art. Lowe's visual vocabulary is complex and varied, including aerial topography, crop circles, railroad tracks, three-dimensional cityscapes and military intelligence references. The iconography is cryptic, commanding and beautiful.

Lowe’s map-like drawings are not planned; each evolves on its own terms. "They tell me where we are going on each trip, and I just take us there." Though the series of aerial landscapes has preoccupied the artist for over ten years, the medium has recently changed from colored pencil to watercolor and the scale has shifted from grand to miniature.

Lowe is an animation voice actor who lives in Lakeland, Florida. His voice is well known to many through his character Space Ghost, in the Cartoon Network program Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, and subsequently Cartoon Planet, a role which he played for ten years.

George Lowe’s drawings are in the permanent collections of the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA; CNN/Turner Broadcasting, Atlanta, GA; as well as various prominent private collections.