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K. Tauches  is one of those "multi-disciplinary" artists. Her work ranges from performance & sound works, renegade public art installations, essays, science fiction, paper architecture, and good old-fashioned altered photography. She is a graphic designer by trade, and a revolutionary at heart. 

Her paint-outs are a response to our industrial-suburban environment, where things change so fast, they seems to be disappearing into thin air.  It's humorous as well as absolutely frightening magic.

Artist Statement on her "Everything Disappears" Series

We live in a world of potential invisibility.


Animals, people, houses, buildings, governments, countries, cities planets . . . all will succumb to disappearance. 

This aspect of reality has never been more apparent than now, as our world magically changes before our eyes. 

This statement is the world's current mantra. A common early 21st century realization, it's a coping mechanism, a philosophical position which quietly alters the extreme materialism of our industrialized society.

It may be that our mechanical, scientifically-known world is being re-spiritualized with a renewed sense of unattachment, fragility and mystery. . .very cool.